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TowLauncher yury. Apr-27-2017

What the hell is he thinking?..... OK! Let's apply some logic here...... It could be:
1) Brrr! Turned cold and wet all of a sudden!
2) Who's nicked the bus stop?
3) Where's the rest of the bridge?
4) WOT! No ducks!!!
5) Another 3 hours of this and just THINK OF MY SPERM COUNT!
6) Bugger! This happened last time as well!
7) There's NEVER a submarine when you want one!

Caffelix yury. Apr-30-2017

He was probably drunk or drugged. So remember that if you want to play with the sea, the sea might take you up on the offer, and the sea doesn't let you go back on land necessarily. This idiot was lucky someone saved his life...

TowLauncher yury. Apr-30-2017

Now he's wearing sea-thru pants!

IMWally yury. Apr-30-2017

Bay Watch isn't as good as it used to be......



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